What is an OPTEX Solar Screen?

An OPTEX solar screen typically consists of an aluminum frame, and a specialty designed fabric that blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat from penetrating windows.

Can I still see clearly out of the window?

Absolutely, the OPTEX solar screen is designed specially to allow the ‘light’ to pass through but not the ‘heat’.

What color of OPTEX Solar screen are available?

OPTEX solar screens are available with a white or cream plantation shutter design.

What color aluminum screen frames are available?

We have five color options for screen frames.  White, Tan, Dark Tan, Bronze & silver.

How do I get an estimate for OPTEX solar screens?

You can get a free estimate for OPTEX Solar screens by contacting a preferred dealer here.

What are some benefits of OPTEX solar screens other than heat blocking?

OPTEX Solar Screens help keep your windows clean by preventing much of the dirt and rain that would otherwise come in contact with the windows. Solar screens block UV rays that can quickly discolor and destroy blinds, shutters and carpet. Lastly, OPTEX solar screens give your home a luxurious look with the design of plantation shutters.

Do I need insect screens if I have OPTEX solar screens?

No, OPTEX solar screens provides protection from heat as well as keeping insects out.

What size frames do you use on solar sun screens?

We use the highest quality 1” thick frames.  The thinner frames offered by other companies will often bend and bow in a short amount of time and the screen will become waved.

Which windows should I put solar sun screens on?

To get the most benefit, we recommend you put them on all your windows.  However, any window that gets direct sunlight through it during any time of the day should be considered the top priority.

Will I still be able to open my windows when the weather is nice?

Yes, OPTEX Solar Screens are specifically designed to allow airflow.

Will my “HOA” Home Owners Association allow me to have solar screens?

To date, OPTEX has found no HOAs that will prevent you from using solar screens.  OPTEX Solar Screens screens are only available in plantation shutter designs, so they add class to the appearance of the home rather than being an eye sore.